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Level 9s are an indispensable group of parents, patrons, friends, and cheerleaders who support our mission with their time, talent, and treasure.

They help with everything from wrangling young dancers backstage to educating the community about the great things happening at The Lexington Ballet.  If you have a desire to help us in any way, listed or not, we want to hear from you.  Sign up to be a Level 9 today!

Please note: We ask for race, ethnicity, and disability information because our grant funders request the information.  We will never share your information!

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for help at the Lexington Ballet!  You will find many opportunities on our Volunteer Calendar, including help with our Backstage Business, Outreach, or Fundraising.  It’s easy to sign up; just click on the shift and complete the form!  If you want to help in a way not listed, fill out an interest form and we’ll be in touch.