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Lexington Ballet School provides expert ballet instruction for all ages. Directed by Nancy Dominguez, the school staffs accomplished professional dancers for all class levels. Professionalism, respect, discipline and creativity are hallmarks of the school.

Lexington Ballet School was founded as part of Lexington Ballet Company in 1974. Both the school and company serve the central Kentucky area as an arts and education nonprofit. All ages and abilities are welcome.  Scholarships are available for students who demonstrate financial need.

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Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet

Classes are a fun and energetic dance introduction for children aged 3 – 6 Class schedule: 45-60 minutes, 1 day per week; Class placement: by age on 1st day of class

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Summer Classes

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Elementary Ballet – Levels 1-3

Classes learn classic ballet basics starting with the body positions. Emphasis on placement, proper alignment and posture. Most of the barre work is done with two hands on the barre.  To view specific class times, click Learn More…

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Intermediate Ballet – Levels 4-6

Students are challenged to concentrate while using proper alignment of the back, arms, legs and head. Students will begin more complex petit allegro combinations and multiple turns, with more emphasis on grand allegro.  To view specific class times, click Learn More…

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Pre-Professional Ballet – Levels 7-8

These classes are appropriate for advanced students aspiring towards a career in dance. Students continue to work on classical technique, accents and multiple turns and complex jumps as well as continuing to develop their artistry for the stage. Most classes are conducted en pointe, per the instructor. Pas de Deux classes will be included in the curriculum.  To view specific class times, click Learn More…

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Adult Ballet

Don’t miss our Adult Summer Intensive feature in Pointe Magazine!  This is a unique opportunity to ignite the love of ballet.  All skill levels are welcome!
Our Adult Summer Intensive includes Pilates, Stretch/conditioning, Ballet Technique and Repertoire. Sample schedule:
5-6pm Conditioning or Pilates
6:15-7:45pm Technique
8-9pm Repertoire
Principal Instructor – Ayako Lloyd
  • Improves Flexibility

  • Strengthens Core

  • It’s Fun!

Adult Ballet Classes meet Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays  5:30-7:00PM and  Saturdays 11:30 AM-1:00 PM.


meet our professional instructors

Our school teaches both Vaganova and Balanchine based techniques, developing a well-rounded dancer in multiple styles. In addition, our instructors have been or are professional dancers with careers in ballet.

Ayako Hasebe Lloyd

ABT Curriculum Logo

Saitama, Japan
Joined Lexington Ballet in 2009

Ballet Mistress
Ms. Ayako is an ABT® Certified Teacher in Pre-Primary through Level 5 of the ABT® National Training Curriculum.
She teaches the following classes at Lexington Ballet:

Creative Movement
Levels 1-8
Summer Intensive
Adult Summer Intensive

Ms. Ayako’s Complete Bio

Alexandra Orenstein

Kernersville, North Carolina
Joined Lexington Ballet in 2014

Classes at Lexington Ballet
Levels 4-8
Rehearsal Assistant
Summer Intensive

Ms. Alex’s Complete Bio

Rose Hensley

Joined Lexington Ballet in 2022

Classes at Lexington Ballet

Level 1
Level 6-8
Company Class
Outreach Coordinator
Stage Manager

Ms. Rose’s Complete Bio

Alex Bellocq

Joined Lexington Ballet in 2022

Classes at Lexington Ballet

Level 2-3

Mr. Alex B.’s Complete Bio

Kayleigh Western

Joined Lexington Ballet in 2022

Classes at Lexington Ballet

Pre-Ballet 2
Level 1-2
Level 4-8

Ms. Kayleigh’s Complete Bio

Gwen Lamb

Joined Lexington Ballet in 2023

Classes at Lexington Ballet

Pre-Ballet 2

Ms. Gwen’s Complete Bio

Class Dress Code

Dance attire is designed to allow comfortable movement without distraction. This also enables instructors to see the dancers' positions and movement in order to assist with corrections. All youth classes held at the Lexington Ballet Artsplace Studios have a designated class uniform.

Remove warm-up before class.  For safety, no jewelry or safety pins.  Stud earrings only.  Street clothes must be worn outside the studio. Uniform must be neat and clean.

Girls and ladies are required to wear their class uniform leotard (see below), pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes (canvas split-sole), and their hair secured in a bun.

Class Leotard
Creative Movement Bloch Pink Tank style number  CL5405
Pre-Ballet Bloch White Tank style number  CL5405
Pre-Ballet 2 Bloch Lavender Tank style number  CL5405
Level 1 Bloch Pastel Blue Tank style number  CL5405
Level 2 Bloch Royal Blue Tank style number  CL5405
Level 3 Bloch Burgundy Tank style number  CL5405
Level 4-8 Bloch Black spaghetti strap style number M207LD
Summer Intensive Any leotard brand, style or color
Open Classes Any leotard brand, style or color
Ashland Elementary Classes Comfortable clothes or any leotard or shorts
Sayre School Classes Any black leotard brand or style
Adult Classes Any leotard or yoga/pilates clothes

Boys and men are required to wear a fitted plain white shirt, black tights or bike shorts, white socks, white or black technique shoes, and hair combed away from the face.

Students attending the adult open classes may wear any comfortable athletic wear appropriate for dance, yoga, or Pilates. Ballet shoes are recommended although socks may be worn as a substitute.

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Our mission is to educate anyone who has a passion and desire for dance!  To that end, we offer several scholarships to support aspiring artists with financial constraints to pursue their dreams.  Please contact us with questions about our scholarship programs.

This scholarship is given in honor of Kathryn Christine Moody. It was established by the Moody Family in 2016. This need-based scholarship is awarded to Lexington Ballet students who exemplify Kathryn's passion for dance and have demonstrated ballet talent. "With the passing of our sweet little dancer, we know that there are others who have the talents to share but whose families are not able to provide the stage for them to shine. Kathryn loved every part of her ballet experience and loved the dancers she danced with every day. We would like to honor her with this scholarship in her name for any dancer who is in need of support during their training."

This scholarship is available to a student who is interested in beginning or pursuing a Creative Movement class with the Lexington Ballet. Applicants for this program are selected by the Durborow Family and must be 3 to 4 years of age with a strong interest in building on dance basics in an environment which is age appropriate, fun and nurturing. The need-based scholarship is granted on an annual basis by the generosity of the Durborow Family.

The Lexington Ballet has need-based scholarship opportunities for students in all of our youth programs. Each applicant is considered by three criteria; merit, financial need and desire to dance. Applicants for this scholarship are awarded up to 90% of annual tuition based on the total score of each of the criteria.

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