Youth Ballet Class Scholarships
Youth Ballet Class Scholarships


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Lexington Ballet Youth Scholarships

Need-based scholarships are available for all youth programs

The Lexington Ballet is proud to offer a variety of need-based scholarships for eligible students of the Lexington Ballet School.
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Blue Hearts For Kathryn

Kathryn Christine Moody Scholarship

This scholarship is given in honor of Kathryn Christine Moody. It was established by the Moody Family in 2016. This need-based scholarship is awarded to Lexington Ballet students who exemplify Kathryn's passion for dance and have demonstrated ballet talent.

"With the passing of our sweet little dancer, we know that there are others who have the talents to share but whose families are not able to provide the stage for them to shine. Kathryn loved every part of her ballet experience and loved the dancers she danced with every day. We would like to honor her with this scholarship in her name for any dancer who is in need of support during their training."

Blue Hearts For Kathryn
Pre-Ballet and Creative Movement Class

Hannah Margurite Thompson Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2009 in honor of Hannah Marguerite Thompson, a daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend and beautiful dancer. This need-based scholarship will be awarded annually to a young girl in pre-ballet age 5 to 7 at the Lexington Ballet. In the spirit of a lively young girl whose bright smile, infectious laugh, and love of family came through in her dance, we pass forward her gift to other young dancers with that same passion for life.   One of Hannah's favorite things to do was listen to music and to dance.  Despite her young age, Hannah's adoration of music crossed all boundaries and genres from Elton John and U2 to Frank Sinatra and Beethoven.   Over the course of her illness, Hannah was concerned that she was no longer a good dancer, but when her parents assured her that she could dance, she would summon her energy when the music played and dance with the same animation and spirit as before she was sick. Hannah enlivened the world around her and those lucky enough to share her stage. This scholarship was established by the Friends of Hannah Marguerite Thompson and the funds are managed by Keystone Financial Group.

Nancy Dominguez and student

Durborow Family Scholarship


This scholarship is available to a student who is interested in beginning or pursuing a Creative Movement class with the Lexington Ballet. Applicants for this program are selected by the Durborow Family and must be 3 to 4 years of age with a strong interest in building on dance basics in an environment which is age appropriate, fun and nurturing. The need-based scholarship is granted on an annual basis by the generosity of the Durborow Family.

Lexington Ballet Ensemble

Lexington Ballet School Scholarship

The Lexington Ballet has need-based scholarship opportunities for students in all of our youth programs. Each applicant is considered by three criteria; merit, financial need and desire to dance. Applicants for this scholarship are awarded up to 90% of annual tuition based on the total score of each of the criteria.